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The Freeway driver and engineering applications works seemlessly on Android, Windows and Apple phones and tablets. Driver first use checks provide the driver with a quick and easy interface to register nil defect. Defects can be rapidly identified against a check-list that is related to the truck and or trailer that the driver is responsible for. Engineering inspections allow for structured question sets that can be linked back to the DVSA manual. Record both defects and advisory items.  Immediately create work onto job-cards for further action. Reporting can be on-demand or automated.  For example, a list of all drivers that have not yet completed a first check can be e-mailed to you every morning on the hour every hour.  Reports of defects (filtered by criticality) is immediately available for review and planning in the workshop.
Options: Fault, No Fault, Not Applicable greentick25x25 -
Options: Defect, No Defect, Not Applicable, Rectified, Serviceable - greentick25x25
Configure and manage your own questions greentick25x25 greentick25x25
Record DVSA reference per question - greentick25x25
Create mutiple check-lists greentick25x25 greentick25x25
Link check lists to the assets they apply to (e.g. Trailers linked to Trailer check) greentick25x25 greentick25x25
Colour Coded user friendly interface greentick25x25 greentick25x25
Record multiple defects against a single section or question greentick25x25 greentick25x25
Mandatory response to all questions greentick25x25 greentick25x25
Pause and resume options greentick25x25 greentick25x25
Date and time-stamp per response greentick25x25 greentick25x25
Link photograph/s per question greentick25x25 greentick25x25
Free text per question (optional at setup per questionnaire) greentick25x25 greentick25x25
Show summary question with one-click access to additional explanation greentick25x25 greentick25x25
Record GPS co-ordinates for location of check greentick25x25 greentick25x25
Show prior mileage, and record new mileage greentick25x25 greentick25x25
Live integration to Freeway for defect management greentick25x25 greentick25x25
Export to third party systems greentick25x25 greentick25x25
Nil defect reporting greentick25x25 greentick25x25
Receive list of vehicles with outstanding daily checks on days, and at time/s you determine greentick25x25 greentick25x25
Automate repeat defect reporting based on your rules greentick25x25 greentick25x25
Record Criticality (absolutely - or within range per question) greentick25x25 greentick25x25
Record Component or area of the vehicle that is defective (automatically based on question) greentick25x25 greentick25x25
Record Why work was undertaken (valid options may be defined per question) greentick25x25 greentick25x25
Record Nature of defect (which may automatically determine 'Defect' or 'Observation' status of defect) greentick25x25 greentick25x25
Record Position such as 'Near Side' / 'Off Side' (valid options defined per question) greentick25x25 greentick25x25
Audit trail for life of the asset greentick25x25 greentick25x25


  • Cellular Connectivity - 3G / 4G
  • WiFi - b/g/n
  • Recommended Screen Size - 7"
  • Camera - 5MP
  • GPS

Suggested Hardware

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