Work Recording

Smart allocation by workshop controller greentick25x25
Highlight un-fit vehicles and view time required to return assets to operation. greentick25x25
View staff resource availability by trade and current commitments. greentick25x25
Recently completed work highlighted to facilitate communication to operations. greentick25x25
Rapid work-allocation functions. greentick25x25
Simple in-workshop communication for workshop staff greentick25x25
Staff have access to a simple list of allocated tasks. greentick25x25
A single interface for staff to record their log-in, time-sheet and work allocation. greentick25x25
Live mode (recommended) or retrospective capture. greentick25x25
Display of estimate times (from standard task list or manager over-ride). greentick25x25
Time-recording can be managed with a single click greentick25x25
Touch-screen optimisation greentick25x25
Productive and Un-productive time recording greentick25x25
Management oversight greentick25x25
Instant Live link between work-shop controller and staff work status greentick25x25
Management workshop overview. Who is doing what now? Who is within time-estimates now? greentick25x25
Productive and Un-productive time reporting greentick25x25
Flexible implementation options greentick25x25
Deploy via pit-based workstations or per-user ruggedized tablets greentick25x25
Tailor staff options to skill level: Apprentice = ‘Next’ button to auto-allocate the next task based on supervisor assessment of severity. Engineer = ‘Select’ button to choose work from list of outstanding tasks. greentick25x25