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TDW Distribution fleet maintenance operation goes mobile with Freeway apps

Freeway TDW 0085

London, 19 July 2017 – TDW Distribution, one of South Wales’ largest distribution companies, is employing the latest mobile technology to improve its fleet maintenance operation. Part of the installation of new management software supplied by Freeway Fleet Systems, tablet devices are being introduced to help eliminate paperwork and replace it with electronic inspection reports and job cards.

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Reading Buses goes mobile with Freeway tablet apps for fleet maintenance

Freeway Reading Buses 9153a

London, 27 July 2017 - Reading Buses has revolutionised its vehicle maintenance operations with a mobile system to replace job cards and inspection reports in the workshop. Using Samsung tablets live connected to a Freeway fleet maintenance system, mobile apps allow Reading’s technicians to replace paperwork with easy-to-use electronic forms. The system is not only saving time, but is also improving the accuracy and completeness of reporting, boosting efficiency and simplifying fleet management.

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Abellio goes mobile with vehicle inspections as Freeway fleet maintenance system expands

Freeway Abellio 02773

London, 22 February 2017, Abellio is extending its use of the Freeway Fleet Management system to provide an additional 120 workshop users with access to Freeway via smartphone and tablet based electronic job-cards.

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Elddis streamlines fleet and stock management with Freeway software integration

Elddis VOSA Test Bay 07

London, 16 February 2017 – Elddis Transport is using Freeway’s fleet management system to coordinate its workshop activities, helping the company to ensure that its fleet complies with all inspection and maintenance regulations

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TT Express unlocks new revenue stream with Freeway workshop system integration

Freeway TTX WA0008

London, 10 May 2016 - Oldham-based warehouse and distribution company, TT Express (TTX), has implemented a fully integrated solution that links the company’s transport management system, Mandata TMS, with its fleet maintenance and workshop management system, Freeway.

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Bartrum Group capitalises on Freeway’s workshop management system integration

Freeway Bartrum Fleet Services

London, 04 April 2016 – Suffolk-based warehouse and distribution company, Bartrum Group, is already seeing the benefits of the Freeway fleet maintenance system and its ability to fully integrate with the company’s transport management system, Mandata TMS.

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Freeway Fleet Management hits the road in Singapore with Tower Transit

Freeway Ray Silcox Tower Transit

London, 23 March 2016 – London-based bus operator, Tower Transit, is busy implementing Freeway’s fleet management solution to analyse the operating costs for each of its vehicles in Singapore. Under the new S$556 million, five-year government contract, Tower Transit will run 26 services in the Western part

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Freeway launches mobile app for HGV engineering checks

Freeway EngineeringInspection

London, 14 January 2016 – Fleet management software company Freeway has launched a mobile application for vehicle engineer inspections. Designed to run on any Android, Windows or Apple mobile device, the easy to use app eliminates paperwork and ensures that thorough vehicle inspections take place.

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Freeway launches smartphone app for bus driver walk-around checks

Freeway TowerTransit 8689

London, 13 January 2016 – Fleet management software company Freeway has launched a mobile application for bus and coach driver walk-around checks. Designed to run on any mobile device, including smartphones and tablets, the easy to use app eliminates paperwork and ensures that drivers complete their pre-journey checks properly. By guiding drivers through checks and ensuring good working practice, operators are assured that stringent safety procedures are adhered to, reducing risks.

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Freeway helps Prestons of Potto maintain first-rate fleet

Freeway Prestons Potto

London, 14 December 2015 – Road haulage and transport company Prestons of Potto relies on Freeway’s fleet management system to manage its vehicle maintenance programme and ensure its fleet remains in tip top condition to provide a high level of service for its customers.

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